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With this column we give you an insight into our practice. The following examples are documented to show you some problems and our solutions. You may be inspired by taking the upcoming challenges in your company in attack. It would give us great pleasure to be able to help.



A practical example in the agricultural sector

Neftec Aspiration of Onion Skin improves Packing Quality significantly

Initial position

A Swiss agricultural company want packing their onions as possible without loose onion skins. An existing installation brought only moderate success.



We solved the problem with a new aspiration installation. After initial difficulties in the filter and in the field of source, we developed the optimal solution and we could commissioning the system successfully.



The aspiration installation can scale the onions from loose skins almost completely in the three simultaneously operating packaging lines.
The extracted onion skins will be collected in one docked timber container.

If the installation is off, the timber container can be undocked and moved away with a hand lift truck.


"Thanks to this solution,
the onions can be packed
almost free of loose skins and
other contaminants"




A practical example in the food industry

Mobile Dedusting Device NefJet meets high ATEX Requirements

Initial position

An international food company needs a universally applicable mobile dedusting device with 2 suction arms, used in Atex zone 20/22 (zone 20 in product stream / zone 22 clean gas side and in production room).



We deliver our, by Electrosuisse tested, mobile dedusting device NefJet in stainless steel.

With the silencer in the exhaust outlet we can keep the max. allowed noise level of 85 dBA.



Now, the manual work with various powder products can be carried out dust free and odourless.


"With this mobile device
manual spilling and weighing
operations can be carried out
also in
hazardous zone



A practical example in the pharmaceutical sector

Suction/Blowing Conveying System NefVac makes possible to convey
Powder / Bulk Solids in Process Tanks in difficult Space Conditions and
meets the high  Requirements in Clean Rooms

Initial position

An international biotech company wants charging automatically the process tanks with
powders. Because the space conditions above the tanks are too small for installing of
product receivers, a suction conveying system is not possible.



Based on our suction/blowing conveying system we have developed and mounted a
complete charging installation. Adjacent the installation could be commissioned and
handed over with all GMP required documentations to the client.


The system control was developed by a contractor on the basis of our FS
(functional specification) and integrated into the overall system control.


The characteristic of our conveying system is the compact construction of the vacuum conveying device without moving parts. Against conventional suction or pressure conveying systems it is much smaller, cheaper and very low maintenance. The  vacuum conveying device NefVac is connected with regular compressed air supply.


In the line section between tipping hopper and vacuum conveying device NefVac the product is aspirating and from the middle of the vacuum conveying device the product is blowing in the corresponding process tank.


This system requires the return of the feeding air from the process tank in a filter
installation. The exhaust lines from the process tanks go to a central filter installation
which is installed for dedusting of tipping hoppers outside of the clean rooms.
For almost complete filtering of the product dusts a secondary filter of HEPA filter  class H13 is installed after the primary filter.


To evidence the function and the required conveying capacity with real products (very fine,
very light, very dusty powders) we have carried out previously extensive test under real
conditions. With it we were able to perfectly assure the client of the performance and
simplicity of our conveying system.



With this installation the process tanks can be charged automatically and dust free with powders. With it the whole production process is much improved in respect of cleanliness and health protection of operators.


"Our vacuum conveying device
NefVac allows a space-saving and
low-priced suction/blowing conveying
system for powders /bulk solids also
under high pharmaceutical